Aurora Ecosystem


Aurora Blockchain More than just a cryptocurrency: An ecosystem based on a first class blockchain. This system allows to create a platform on which any kind of smart contracts can be created.
The objective is to develop a multitude of applications for its use in the real world using our own blockchain and our own specialized libraries OSL. To achieve this goal, we have ensured the collaboration of companies from different industries since the beginning of the project. Aurora blockchain has its own bank (AuroraBank), exchange (AuroraExchange) and payment system (AuPay). This ensures independence and avoids the intermediation of established and centralized financial organizations.

Mission Aurora Blockchain integrates multiple services for trade, industry and governments in an ecosystem interconnected through a unique registry, specific tools and a hybrid mining system.
Our mission is to facilitate industry, commerce, government and users the inclusion of our technology through specialized libraries OSL. We believe in a work system accepted at a global decentralized level and with real use in our daily life.


We believe in a integral, transparent and collaborative ecosystem.
Our own values, ideas and vision of the world that is generated through the prism of Aurora are the pillars in which the project is supported. - Teamwork.
- Service.
- Innovation.
- Integrity and ethics.
- Communication.
- Equal opportunities.
- Patronage of new projects.
- Corporate social responsability.


Aurora's main aim is to help trade and industry-related companies in two ways. On the one hand, providing them with a secure and reliable payment method and, on the other, an automated system for orders, stock control, databases and endless possibilities related to blockchains.


Q2 2018

Alpha wallet vault test.

Q3 2018

First phase of the ICO. Official wallet launch (vault function). Initial AUK supply

Q4 2018

Aurora Registration System. Launch of Auroraexchange. Official launch of AuroraWallet.

Q1 2019

Launching libraries for business use and development teams. First Aupay tests. Development tools for external equipment. Tests of public and private derived networks for business and government use. Mainnet release.

Q3 2019

Fog computing and advanced protection system. Launch of AuroraBank. Launch of first DAPPs and development tools for external teams.


Launch of AuroraExchange and AuroraBank for Android / IOS Public release of the source code. Technological and financial audit on the status of the project. Presentation of audit results and new roadmap.