Atomic Network


Join the first television network to utilize blockchain technology and have its own token.   PEER-TO-PEER POWER
Help support the network and earn Atomic Tokens by helping to stream our BitTorrent based premium quality videos. COOL CONTENT
Our premium content, both scripted and non-fiction, will entertain and inspire our worldwide audience. COMMUNITY COLLABORATION
Our audience can use Atomic Tokens as voting power to influence their favorite shows, participate in test screenings and decide which content gets the most resources. EPIC EFFICIENCY
Our business model and innovative use of blockchain technology allow us to operate at a fraction of the cost of other studios. TREASURED TOKEN
Our tokens public sale event is not only a savvy business opportunity, it’s our invitation to you to become part of a new and exciting streaming entertainment network: Atomic Network. Subscriber Benefits:

  • Interactivity - Viewers who purchase Atomic Tokens ca unlock interactive experience not available to fiat currency subscribers: voting on the direction and priority of their favorite shows; tipping their favourite stars in Atomic Tokens; reviewing and giving feedback on series pilots.
  • Rewarding for supporting the Network, including: being a seeder and helping stream video, referring friends, sharing free Atomic content on Social Media. 
  • Lower Monthly Subsciption Fees
  • Weekly prizes
  • Bonus content
  • Atomic Network Fan Club Membership
On Launch Day, new Atomic Network subscribers and current Atomic Network fans will have the option to access our growing library of proven hits, led by our stand-alone, full-length, digital feature film, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. New subscribers can also enjoy our critically acclaimed web series pilot, Renegades, and it’s spectacularly well-received second episode, Renegades: The Requiem. We are also proud to make available the premiere episode of our laugh-out-loud sci-fi comedy series, Cozmos!


Atomic Network is an interactive and community-driven entertainment network. With its exclusive digital currency, Atomic Network Tokens (ATOMIC), the platform will enable novel and disruptive TV streaming experiences for its global audience. Fans can buy tokens or earn them by sharing content, referring friends, or even helping to stream the torrent based shows and movies. They can then use those tokens to purchase merchandise, for micro-donations to their favorite stars or for influence over the priority and direction of shows. We’ll offer two main categories of content: The first is original, scripted, one hour, sci-fi dramas and 30 minute, single-camera comedies. The second category is short-form, non-fiction series celebrating the world of science and the latest in technology and futurism, viewed through a fun and fast-paced pop culture lens. Atomic's original, premium content, both scripted and non-fiction, will inspire millions with its optimistic portrayal of a freer and more abundant future.