ArtNoy addresses the lack of liquidity in the World’s $45,000,000,000 annual art market by creating a platform on the blockchain, Html and Java technology for verification of ownership, pricing history and buying and selling art p2p. ArtNoy uses the blockchain Html and Java technology to disrupt the art industry with a robust, peer-to-peer trading platform, eliminating counterfeit third-party price manipulation and bringing liquidity and transparency. This start up platform is perfectly poised to capture the fast growing and flourishing online art market. At present, there is large scale counterfeit art and fraud in the art market. The ArtNoy platform solves this problem by making use of blockchain technology Html and Java to validate through external experts the artwork’s owner authenticity, as well as track the sales history of the artwork in a transparent manner.


ArtNoy tokens are Equity tokens registrate in the security of the USA. Equity tokens are a new brand of tokens. they are better,safer and more profitable, especially when it registrate in the United States securities. The profit of ArtNoy is going to purchase the ArtNoy tokens as substitute for the dividends. No distribute of dividends profits or bonuses to director or shareholder.


2018 Q2

1.Launch of private Beta 2.Creation of first art crypto asset

2018 Q3 – 2019 Q1

1. Public launch 2. Securing of first ArtNoy art vault

2019 Q2 – Q3

1. Launch of ArtNoy exchange 2. Second ArtNoy art vault secured 3. ArtNoy crypto asset

2019 Q4 – 2020 Q1

1. Third ArtNoy art vault secured

2020 Q2

1. Launch of art 2. ArtNoy crypto - indices