There is no better justification for Arcadia project than to make real money for investors. Through the cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Blockchain technology has a connection with traditional currencies (FIAT), so why Blockchain exchange platforms shouldn’t be equivalent to such markets as TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange), NYSE or LSE? Money that will be effectively invested in real estate will bring huge profits. When there are profits, the value of tokens will increase significantly. The real estate market is a reliable tool for investors. This particular graph shows changes in the average sale price of apartments (Poznan, the west of Poland) in the last five years. We can notice the prices increasing every year. In 2017, prices increased by 7% compared to 2016. Thus, the real estate market is a brilliant investment. Investors in the real estate market have a choice of apartments on offer from development companies and the so-called secondary market as well.


Arcadia is a project based on experience and very thorough analysis. By investing in the historical properties the profit is guaranteed. Everyone who will purchase Arcadia tokens will have access to a special Data Room, where detailed insight into the finances and the right to submit comments, ideas and votes will be provided.


October 2017

idea appeared

December 2017

preparation for the project fully started

January 2018

the web page and whitepaper under construction preparation for PRE ICO

March 2018

PRE ICO starts

April 2018

PRE ICO finishes the official establishment of the Arcadia company Arcadia tokens enters Etherdelta Preparation for the ICO on the full speed Team gathering Marketing for the ICO starts

May 2018

ICO starts ICO finishes First building purchased