• A marketplace for sports enthusiasts, working in a peer-to-peer model.
  • A possibility to share sports gear or book trainings, with a practical application of blockchain.
  • An instant access to sports equipment and trainings around the world.
  • An ecosystem for a blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange model, with tokens circulating between users as a currency, making ICO a springboard for future growth


AllSporter is a marketplace for the sports enthusiasts, letting its members' book training or rent equipment in a peer-to-peer model. AllSporter gives all users the possibility to share their sports gear, skills or data and earn by doing so, in a decentralised and secure way. Thanks to aggregated supply and demand, community members have instant access to a wide range of sports equipment and trainings all around the world, based on proximity, ratings, experience, their own sports activity, and best price. By using blockchain, users can pay for services, earn points and get rewarded for providing specific products, services or activities and health data. This will be a springboard for future growth of the AllSporter application.


Q4 2018

Launch of IN-streamtraining platform

Q1 2019

Coin Wallet development and implementation in allsporter & launch of side chain Research of expansion markets

Q2 2019

Introduction of AllSporter software for event organizers Expansion to the Asian market and implementation of big data tools

Q4 2019

Expansion to the United States of America

Q1 2020

Expansion to Western European market & Pacifc

Q4 2020

Market expansion worldwide