AlkebulanCash (One Africa Cryptocurrency)


AlkebulanCash is a cryptocurrency aimed at solving the problem of fiat currency devaluation in Africa, improving electricity and power generation by having
partnerships with solar energy companies that will accept AlkebulanCash as a mode of payment for their services, creating a new online platform for African entrepreneurs across Africa to accept AlkebulanCash as a mode of payment. A cryptocurrency that will serve as empowerment for startups, foundations, schools,
agriculture (Solar Farming) which will boost the African economy. In conclusion, a cryptocurrency that will unify/represent Africa on the blockchain.


Alkebulan is the original name of Africa. AlkebulanCash is the One Africa cryptocurrency aimed at solving the problem of fiat currency devaluation in Africa, Solving the all-time electricity problem in Africa using the power of blockchain technology; Therefore we introducing a one Africa solar energy project. AlkebulanCash will be used by business organizations, banks, solar energy companies, the people in Africa and our investors around the world for business transactions and daily use. AlkebulanCash is a cryptocurrency designed to represent Africa on the blockchain.


Q2 2017

Website Development/Marketing

Q3 2017

AlkebulanCash Custom Online Wallet

Q4 2017

Meet up with University Students. Partnership with Solar Energy Companies.

Q1 2018

- ICO - Distribution of Token/Exchange Listing

Q2 2018

- Trading on DEX/New Exchanges - Partnership with mobile companies

Q3 2018

- International Conference

Q1 2019

Release New 2019 RoadMap